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UFO Sighting Report - USA

June 13th 2005 : In Flight From Warsaw To Chicago


Mrs. Olga M. (24) submitted recently a photo she took on 13th June 2005 from a plane of Polish National Airlines LOT heading from Warsaw to Chicago. It was taken about an hour before landing. We can clearly see an unidentified, disc-shaped object of unknown origin in the cloud background.

The photo was taken at about 5 pm. with Cannon Power Shot camera. The alleged UFO wasn't seen with naked eye. Its presence was noticed after about two weeks after her return from United States and downloading photos on her PC.

Mrs. Olga who is a photo passionate said that she took about 4 photos from aboard the plane.

Unfortunately, only one of them depict the sight out of the aircraft window. Although the object may look like some dirt on a pane, the witness rejected this possibility.

"I'm fully certain that there were no dirt on the pane. I have no doubts" - she said.

Analyses of the photo revealed that it might be a real object. Besides the final answer is still doubtful as in other cases of chance photographed objects.

Photo showing view through window

Enlarged section of photo showing possible UFO

Source: NPN -, POLAND.
By: Piotr Cielebiať - "NOL-Polish UFO Journal", 26/04/07.

[UFOINFO thanks Piotr Cielebias, NOL and NPN for the report]