June 19th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Columbus/Ohio/USA

Date: 19 June around 23:20 eastern

Approach Direction: East

Departure Direction: South

Witness Direction: South

Description: Hello
First of all my name is Jonas Larsson i live in Sweden, but currently is visiting a friend in Columbus. I have never really belived in UFO things before or been intressted in such things. I liked to watch the documentarys on tv and heard about the stories about people that have seen things and no one belived in them. Anyway, What happend tonight changed everything for me about UFO.

My friend and i drived on the highway 270 west in columbus Ohio near dublin. My friend spottet a lighting ball i the middle of the air , from no where, i mean it was like far away and looked like one of street lights on the side of the highways, My friend asked me what it could be , i mean we did not saw it moved at all at first, and it could not be a airplane, coz we saw alot of the airplanes , and they have this blinkling light right...Imagine, just a roadside lamp light high up in the sky, that was how we saw it. We chatted about it for like 30 sec, and suddenly it was abow us , and now we saw it , and it was not a airplane, not a luftbalone, this craft had a big front part, and the middle was smal, and a big back part, i would say it was a abow us, maybe 100 m abow us, i mean i could see the whole part of it,

I trying to find a word how it looked like, i would say if you think about the shape looked like an arrow, -:----:- , the craft was white, and front part was big, and a smal middle part, and big backpart with 3 lamps in the backpart. it moved really wierd positon in the air when it moved from us , i moved like it flyed "from the side" very strange,

And it whole craft was lighted up, but it was never ever so strong light that we could tell it was what we saw from distanse, From distanse we only saw this lighting ball/like the big street lamps, yellow orange color. . Really weird, and this craft never seamed to move at all, But it did move very fast anyway, that was the strange thing, It was like we was gone for availe we watched the lighting ball from distanse, and it suddenly it was abow us, that was what it feeled like. When i really saw it abow us, and we was still driving south, we could not stop on the highway of corse, I got like in chock what i saw, my friend was the driver, And of corse everyone says it maybe was a airplane, but what i saw was NOT an airplane.

Well i needed to tell this, i hope someone else saw it , i mean lots of traffic on this highway, but i dont expekt anyone lurking around on this board also seen it , I did not see anything on the news ether but, I needed to get it out.

Well Now i belive in UFO anyway i can tell you that. I leaving to Sweden tomorrow , I hope i get some answears on this when i am back home there .

Jonas Larsson

Color/Shape: White, it had a big front part, and smal middle part, and then a big back part, with 3 lamps on, no blinking, just 3 different colored lamps. The object was flying really odd way, it flyed from the side sort of, really wierd.

TV/Radio/Press: to the police only.


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