June 21st 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Northport, MI (app. 30 mi north of Traverse City, Cat's Head point)

Date: 6-21-05 3:30 AM Local Time

Approach Direction: NNE

Departure Direction: SSW

Witness Direction: W

Description: I and a few of my friends were having a bonfire on a friends private beach in the early morning. Then, we all noticed an extremely large sphere of light southwest of our location on the beach (The beach faces due west out on Lake Michigan). The object appeared to be many miles away, perhaps even hundreds. However, its size, if compared to the apparent distance, must have been close to 1,000 feet in diameter, or larger. It looked almost twice as big as the moon would be on the horizon. None of us saw it approach; merely one moment it wasn't there, then it caught our eyes all of the sudden. It initially looked like a big circle, with the top sliced off just a bit above center. It then "grew" back into an entire sphere, and then went below the horizon. Its color was a burning orange and the objects actual size may be reduced due to the brightness of the object. It was as if the sun could be seen in the night sky, except it illuminated nothing but itself; a giant burning ball. The whole thing lasted maybe 15-20 minutes.

Color/Shape: Orange Luminescence, spherical with slight deformations.

Height & Speed: 100 ft above sea level


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