June 23rd 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Canton/North Carolina/United States

Took 110 out of canton and turned left onto 276. Went straight up to Blueridge Parkway, turned left, and turned into first overlook on left.

Date: 06/23/05 11:47PM

Approach Direction: Straight down

Departure Direction: NA

Witness Direction: West facing bright orange moon day after full moon.

Description: What at first appeared to be a shooting star, but brighter than I have ever seen, plummeted toward the ground and impacted in the smokies approximately 6-9 miles straight ahead into a mountain top. As it got closer to the impact I noticed bright matter sort of dripping off it staying behind the major mass of the object. It could have been a meteor, fallen satelite or space debrei, however on the way to the house in this rurual setting, three unlit helicopters flew above my car. I would have not noticed them if I had not had my moon roof opened because they had no lights on flying at high rate of speed at approximately 3-4 hundred feet off the ground, and heading in the same direction I just came from. As sportsman pilot in the smokies I can tell you that 3-4 hundred feet off the ground and hugging the terrain is very dangerous in this area.

Color/Shape: Bright white and almost tear dropped when falling. Definetly impact the ground. If it is meteor, it is a big chunk.

Height & Speed: Broke the atmosphere and came straight down like a missile. Impacted the ground without explosion, and was to far away to hear anything as it was 6-9 miles away. I was at a higher elevation than the impact and was looking down at a distance.

TV/Radio/Press: None that I have heard.

[Note: This could be a fireball report and is included for reference purposes - John @ UFOINFO.]


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