June 26th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Arizona United States.

I watched from South Scottsdale looking East towards the Indian reservations.

Date: Sunday night 6-26-05 around 9:45-10:00 P.M. Local time

Approach Direction: they were East of us,I think near the Indian Reservation

Departure Direction: not sure

Witness Direction: East

Description: We recieved a phone call Last night to come outside and see the lights in the sky. Our neighbors had been watching it for a few minutes already. We went in the backyard and at first I did not see anything because they were behind these trees. So I went into the front yard to get better look, then I saw it. It was colorfull lights that moved about.

My neighbor invited me to watch in their backyard so I did.

I watched these lights change colors from green to red and I think even blue. It moved about from left to right really low down to very high up.I could not see the shape of the object just where it was moving and the color tranformations. My neighbors said there were two or three others as well but they had left.It would even sit stationary for awhile change colors then move again. The lights were very bright! Sometimes it was all the different light colors at the same time. I wondered if it were a police chopper follwing somone, but it couldnt have been that at all. No helicopter could move like that! Plus it made absolutely no noise at all!

I do not beleive in Aleins driving around in spaceships. I beleive in Military coverups, creating and practicing in machinery we have never seen before. My oppinion only.

This is what I , and three other people I stood with saw.

I got into my car to try and get a much closer look, but it was gone.

I have a feeling they will be back tonite.

Color/Shape: Reds greens and blues. Very bright lights. Could not see any shape or form.

Height & Speed: Did not see it come or go. Pretty fast movements. Not sure how high up. It would go realy high then really low pretty fast then left and right sometimes just stayed still.

TV/Radio/Press: I have been trying to look and see if we were the only ones who saw it last night. I would have to seriusly doubt it! It was much to obvious.

Follow-up informatin from Brian Vike:

Q. - Do you believe the lights were very high up in altitude ?

A. - No not to high up.I would guess from the distance I was looking ( I would have to ask the others opinion on that as well) would be about the height of a 5 story high building??? Don't take my word on this. Sorry. I will get others opinion and let you know again.

Q. - Were you able to see any blinking or flashing white lights while the sighting was taking place, of course the blinking lights would have looked like pin points in the sky and independent from the lights you were seeing.

A. - Hmmm, If what you are explaining is what I am thinking of, then I saw that the following night. I do not remember any white blinking lights, just what I saw was a focal point at the time.

Q. - Can you also tell me what the weather conditions were like that evening?

A. - Warm summer night with clear skies many stars visible.

Q. - Was there any smoke from the wildfires in the area where the event was unfolding ?

A. - No I live no where near those fires. I live in South Scottsdale near Mcdowell and Scottsdale road.

Q. - When watching the lights, were you able to see any type of smoke trail following the lights as you watched them ?

A. - No

Q. - In what part of the sky was the UFO located? North, South, East, West? On the horizon or straight overhead or somewhere in between?

A. - East of me, near the Indian reservation and a little North of Casino Arizona.

Q. - As the UFOs moved? How far and how fast? Describe its movements in detail.

A. - Oh wow, I wish I could verbally say and point it all out LOL. It would be faster than a helicopter could, but not so fast that it should leave a trail of lights behind it. It was like it was free falling slowly. Then back up again.We are not sure how low to the ground it got. It went left and right in the same speed. It would then just hover in the same spot.It flashed green red and blue sometimes white, sometimes al the same colors unless it was circulating the colors around. I can't tell if it was triangle,round or what. Could not see the actual object itself just the very bright lights.It made absolutely no sound at all!

Q. - Describe the area in which you made the sighting. Is it near an airport? An Air Force Base? A military or research installation of any kind?

A. - No none of those. Well I know papago mnt or hills whatever has military like base on it. But it was farther East than that. The lights were East of me and I am East of Papago Mnt.

Q. - Also, if possible do you think you might be able to have the other witnesses who were with you file a report to me also. The reason is, the more information I can receive the better in trying to find an answer for what everyone saw. Please tell the other witnesses, I do not give out anyone's personal or private information.

A. - I could ask them. They live directly next door to me. They saw it first. They saw more than one that night, and so did my boyfriend. I did not, because I left. My boyfriend has seen one before he said. It was different then the one that night. The one we saw on the 27th was exactly like the one I saw on TV last night on the history channel, during the abduction stories.

Q. - If there is anything else you might be able to add to the report (name removed), please do.

A. - That's really all I saw. I never believed. Now I have a hard time sleeping, I am kinda spooked. Especially after watching abduction stories last night. Anyway I hope it was useful to you. I will now read the report of the one you sent to me. Feel free to contact me again if you wish.

Additional Information:

Oh Brian, it is (name removed) again. I read the report you sent, and I remember something!

When I left to see the lights (stupid now that I think of it!)

I remember pulling into Kmart parking lot, they were closed, but there were a lot of people out that night, hard to think only two reports came in. Anyway I was still looking for the lights when I saw a white light in the distance like a star, It seemed to be moving like it was heading west. That would be by sky harbor airport. When I got home (name removed) told me that him and the neighbors went inside because they saw it heading towards over our neighborhood. They got scared and went in the house. The next day I asked my neighbor if he saw it coming over this way and went in his house, he said yes.

I actually reported this in another report to somewhere else, I can't remember I contacted like 3 or 4 different websites, well two being the same, just a local branch of.

I guess I am just excited and freaked out all at the same time.

Okay so that should explain what he saw in the other report. He saw what we saw after it moved away from our side of town.

I bet if you asked the Indian Reservation, maybe someone will speak up. I read online yesterday that UFO's frequent Arizona Reservations. I just find this to be very interesting so much that it makes me a little nervous.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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