Kill Devil Hills
North Carolina

June 27th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Kill Devil Hills, NC, USA

Date: 06/27/05 at approximately 9:25 EST

Approach Direction: Object appeared south from where I was standing on my front porch.

Departure Direction: Object moved north/northeast until it disappeared into the night sky.

Witness Direction: When I first saw the object, I was standing facing south and moved outside of my porch as I saw that the object was moving up and over the sky and turned east/northeast to face it.

Description: I was standing outside on my screened-in front porch. I was facing south towards the side of the K-Mart that is located a few houses down at the end of my street thinking about how I wish they did not have so many extra lamps in their parking lot and suddenly, in the distance above and to the right of the street lamp I noticed this object in the sky. I wasn't sure what to make of it at first, and then the object darted back and forth as it continued to move further up into the sky. It was strange looking... the best way I can describe it is to say that it looked like an orb. It did not have any bright lights or anything. The only light it did give off was a very soft, whitish glow which may or may not have come directly from the object... it could have been reflecting the light from below and from the night sky. It also seemed to blend in with the sky, which I think would have made it difficult for a lot of people to notice. Also, there was no sound whatsoever. I was only able to see it for less than a minute before it disappeared behind some clouds.

For reference purposes, it was about 9:25 pm and the sky was partly cloudy as there were thunderstorms throughout the day into the evening with some storms passing through still off into the distance. At that point in time, the moon was obscured by clouds over the water in the opposite direction.

Color/Shape: Object resembled an "orb". It gave off a slight soft white glow but at the same time seemed to blend in with the night time sky as if it were translucent. I'm not saying it WAS translucent. I was never able to see through the object, but it just seemed to blend in.

Height & Speed: I first noticed the object at about a 40 degree angle from the ground. I am unsure how to explain the speed except that it seemed to move a great deal of distance in less than 60 seconds before disappearing behind the clouds over the beach.

TV/Radio/Press: No public reports from what I have found.


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