July 10th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Bookpark, Ohio, USA

Date: 07/10/05 local time

Approach Direction: Directly above and slightly north of position

Departure Direction: West

Witness Direction: directly above and west

Description: It was around 12 in the evening and we had just finished watching the home days fireworks show earlier at 10pm so we wee firing off bottle rockets along with neighbors across the street. We were firing all our rockets in random patterns some by themselves and all the way up to 4 at a time. It was one of the last bottle rockets if not "The" last was fired into the air. Naturally we followed it's path until it disappeared. The bottel rockets we fired do not give off light but just pop. The bottle rocket pops and we see this red light just hanging in the air practically next to it. At first we thought it was a red firework but when it didn't fade or disappear we started ot think otherwise.

Peopla all long the street started to look up and see this light in the distance. At first I thought it might be a flare but it remained motionless in the sky. A friend mentioned it could be a helicopter but it made no noise. Someone mentioned it could be a CIA silent helicopter but then why would it reveal it's presence in a large ball of red light. Over the corse of it remaining in the sky for a period of thirty to forty minutes we considered all the possibilities. The planet Mars. No. My friend, a police officer and hobby astronomer immediately pointed out Mars which looked like a speck compared to this light. He even tried calling NASA and described it's position a friends father as being located above the big dipper and left of the Coepernia or Caspsciois constellation or whatever that constellation is (I don't remember the exact word because I thought it was funny he could even pronounce that shit but if you look at a star map from that date, time and location you should be able to figure what constellation he was talking about.)

Any way another friend of ours immediately starts to call local newschannels (Newsnet5.com) reporting what were seeing. I tell everyone that if it is a Unitentified Flying Object (Enemy plane, Missile, or Alien) than we will be hearing jets soon. No sooner had I said it then did we hear the distinctive roar of there engines from high above. Understand this light was brighter than the moon and at least ten times the size of a star viewed in the distance. Also it was a clear night. (check weather reports of Cleveland Ohio for that night) But it's exact size and distance is undeterminable but it was easily in the same flying level as passenger aircaft flying above and yes, the UFO was brighter and bigger than even them.

If you view the official report given by the news station you will see that home video cameras could not even focus clearly on the light which should confirm it's great distance from our location (Mysterious Red Lights report). Moments after hearing the Jets, Everyone (including at least thirty other people cathering from along the street) in my group counting 9 of us, 4 guys 5 girls, Start to watch as the object glow bright and then dim (it's first sign of any action)and move in a slow western direction. (I assume it was high up because the higher an object the slower it appears to move)

On the newsreport the broadcaster said the lady watched it zig and zag earlier but I know that's bullshit because that was caused by her videocamera moving. In the pictures though you can see stars in the background and I confirm the truth of that. It started to move and now the girls and other people on the street started to panic because it slightly changed it's position and appeared to be falling. Now the light was pulsing but getting dimmer until it disappead compelety for 2 seconds then reappeared just as bright as before until finally disappering on the horizon. Whether it fell to earth or took off towards the west it is unsure because they can look like the same thing when viewed from a distance.

Color/Shape: RED and only red, as bright as a radio tower red, some photos show it white but I think thats from improper white balancing or poor video. Round ball of light too far away to determine shape. Brighter than the moon.

Height & Speed: In the atmosphere but not low flying. Speed, Height, undetermined.

TV/Radio/Press: News Net Channel Five in Cleveland. www.Newsnet5.com

[UFOINFO Note: NASA claims the light could be the Space Station. See article and slideshow at: http://www.newsnet5.com/news/4714385/detail.html]


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