July 20th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Idaho Springs, Colorado, USA

City of Idaho Springs Sighting

Date: 07/20/05 3:00 AM MT

Approach Direction: one went east to west...another was on a mountain top facing south, it never left that area.(We gave up watching at about 4:30AM MT

Departure Direction: West

Witness Direction: Facing West--Two witneses

Description: Suddenly woke up. It was very quiet,,errie quiet. Looked out the bedroom window and saw a huge yellow light that was pulsating slowly at first.It was yellow and circular in shape. There were atleast five dark light surrounding it. As it began to pulsate over the house two doors down it suddenly began to pulsate faster and as it pusated, the light began to grow larger and brighter and it was sending off a beam of white light to something above it. It also was sending a white light to another yellow ship that was stationary to the south of our home on the opposite side of the canyon we live in (mountain side)It pulsated to a huge bright round yellow orb with black lights on it. Then it would stop pulsating and the light would dim and get smaller and then it would move slowly to the next house. We watched this happen all the way down the mountain side. It stopped at each house. Hovering over each one pulsating to a bright light sending off the white light in each direction and then go dim and going to the next house. From one to another mithoticly. We watched it go up and down to compinsate for the height of each home's roof's.(We also noticed watching that a family of racoons that live in the area were on our shed roof under the bedroom window...there are about seven of them...they seemed like they were coming out of a stooper...they acted as if they had been drugged or something. They stumbled and then began to watch in a southerly direction. They also sat there starring for sometime and then left...once it seemed they got their bearings. They kept rubbing their eyes with their paws.

We watched until 4:30 AM MT, were very tired and finally gave up watching once the ship moved around the bend of the canyon. It went out of site, but the ship on the southern mountain side still stayed in place the entire time receiving this light from the pulsating one. It also had light being sent down from the heavens also. That night the moon was a full moon but disappeared from sight at 3:00AM MT. We watched it go down behind MT EVANS and then the southerly ship showed up.

Color/Shape: Began to have a yellow light but became extremely bright yellow as it pulsated..very light as if it were sunlight. Gave off a tremendous amount of light..It seemed as if it were daylight but you could see the stars. It had five small round lights in it. Circular in shape and one red light.

Height & Speed: It went very slowly.Two semi trucks across and up and down.It was over our house..They came and visited us....we woke up and began to watch...just like those racoons.Then they proceeded to visit everyone of our neighbors and the rest of the town on the the north side of the canyon 4:30 AM MT-really don't know when departure was...it eventually disappeared

TV/Radio/Press: NO didn't report it to anyone but my boyfriend, my sister and I saw it...My boyfriend refused to look out the window..I don't know why. We didn't go outside because the racoons are the size of small dogs!


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