July 23rd 2005

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Date - July 23rd 2005

Location - new york- just pass the newburge bridge heading up a steep hillside

Time - 10:p.m.

Highway - route 84 heading towards hartford ct

Weather- clear sky..two days past a full moon...(so almost a complete full moon) moon looks like a harvest moon...very yellow..strange for a july moon. many stars visiable in the sky....

Traffic- rt. 84 had lots of cars driving in both directions. we couldn't have been the only people to see this thing. what ever it was (ufo)-they (the pilots) didn't care that all these cars were in view of it. the ufo wasn't hiding.

Witnesses- 6 people. my husband was driving. i was the front passenger. the four others were behind our seats. we all had window views.

My observation- at the bottom of the steep hill i noticed these two giant bright white lights.(set far apart from each other) i also noticed a smaller blinking light underneath-more toward the middle-somewhat behind the two big lights. the two big lights seemed unnaturally brighter than anything else in the area and at this time i'm wondering "what the heck am i looking at? is this a tower?where is the rest of the tower underneath this thing if it is a tower??? it is not moving. it is hovering . it is not moving.

at this time is say out loud " hey guys...what the heck is that? are you seeing a tower? is it connected to the earth? what shape are you guys seeing?"..as we look , a beam of light shoots out down to the ground (this light is white)we all see the beam of light. now, at this point we are approaching the top of the hill. now we have all undone our seat belts and are looking out the front window. everyone is seeing it. everyone is saying "holy shit"-"what is that?"...now we are coming closer to it...the ufo is now almost even to our eye level because it is flying over a drop off valley to our left. we see it has a shape of a triangle, black in color against the night sky. it is huge. massive. silent. it is still hovering. now we are looking out the side left window behing the drivers seat. we (5) not the driver.... we are seeing the side of it... its a triangle..it begins to move forward toward n.y.

...i run to the back window of the motor-home to get the back view of this amazing sighting. now the shape appears to be a diamond and it has a very small blinking light in the middle of the back side. holy crap...i can't believe what i'm looking at. we all (5) are looking out the back window and as we look i ask...what shape are you all seeing...what color are the lights...we all agree that it was a triangle at first but, as we saw the back side view it appeared to be more of a square or diamond type shape. black against the night shy. as we watched it...the ufo tilted its wings( front corners) so the left was down and the right was higher and the space craft went down the corner of the hill with its beam light shining on the earth.

now...here comes the weird stuff...i try our c.b. radio to see if any truckers are seeing this... the radio is out...nothing is working.. i try again and ask..is anyone seeing this ufo in the sky right now... nothing.... so i get back on the cb radio and say... hi ufo...we see you...we know you are there.... show us your light... hello ufo we see you...... still the radio is not responding.... at this point i noticed my throat was aching.... i asked everyone if they felt any pain anywhere or i they felt any type of strange sensation.....no one was aware of anything.. i still felt my throat feeling sore. more weird stuff... one of the passengers took a picture with her telephone.

thanks for listening............... the world is an amazing place and so is space.........................................wow............................................!!!!!!!!


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