July 30th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: escondido, california

Date: 07/30/05 not sure what time exactly. maybe in the time frame of 11:15 to around 11:40, sometime in their.

Approach Direction: not sure

Departure Direction: not sure

Witness Direction: not sure

Description: me and my girlfriend were sitting in my truck looking at the starts. earlier in the day we saw some lightning in the distance, so we were hoping to see more. i was watchin the sky and i saw what i thought was an airplane flying, but it didnt have any flashing lights, it was one color, maybe a yellowish orange color. i thoght it looked a little strange, because it was moving at a different speed thatn an airplane. i thought it might have been a helicopter.

by than my girlfriend was watching it 2. we were both trying to think of what type of aircraft it could be. after about maybe 10 min. of watching this, the light stopped moving. it wasnt 2 high in the air, but it wasnt 2 low. it was just stopped. then it moved a little bit down and to the left and than slowy to the right. by than we were both a little freaked by what it could be. after about a half a min. of sitting still, it dropped a quick light. like a lighted ball or something really fast out of it, straight down and than about 3 second later, it dropped 2 more really fast straight down again. than it started moving in it original path and it faded out and was gone, but then faded back a little bit and then just faded out for good and was gone. we sat for a little bit longer and try 2 see if their was anything else, but it was gone and the sky was still clear like it had been.

i thought it might have been a helicopter or an airplane dropping people or boxes, but the objects dropped were to bright and to fast. ive been around airplanes and airports my whole life because my whole family is pilots and i have never ever seen anything look or do what i saw. the way it moved and faded out was just unreal. it was unexplainable really. i never thought of trying to take a picture. but it propably wouldnt show up that good either. in my mind, ive been trying to think of stuff that it could be, but nothing comes close to this. i thought maybe an airplane blew up or shot a missile, but the way it moved and did stuff wasnt anything like that.

Color/Shape: odly shaped circle that was a medium lighted orangish yellow.

Height & Speed: it wasnt to low to the ground, but it wasnt really high either. it wasnt moving that fast.

TV/Radio/Press: not yet. i hope someone else saw what we saw


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