August 21st 2005 (Ongoing)

(Report received August 21st 2005)

Priest River, Idaho Small Object With Circular Blinking

Date: Ongoing
Time: Evenings

HBCC UFO Research Note: What the witness is referring to, or I should say the object, below is a short description of what it looks like. What I see is a small object with circular blinking lights. Usually red white and blue, although sometimes it blinks only one color. The lights get intensely brighter when I'm very near. Up close it looks saucer shaped. I also see random white lights near it, slowly moving across the sky, then suddenly takes off at amazing speed. (below was the persons initial report)

Hi there

I just read your story and I want you to know I believe you. I have seen the exact same thing and in fact, I see at least one every night wherever I go. All I have to do is scan the area around me for a while and I eventually see it trying to hide behind a tree. Sometimes it's in plain view, but slowly works it's way behind a tree after I look up at it. I thought I was going crazy until my fiancé finally started to notice it. He was absolutely floored the other night. We spotted it outside our window(of course partially behind a tree) although this time it was extremely low. We watched it for a while and I got up and walked out the door to our shop. My fiancé said as soon as I walked out the door, the object quickly darted to the other side of the tree and became closer, blinking more rapidly.

It moved towards the shop as soon as I got in there. He got a good look at it and said it looked like a little saucer with lights blinking around it. He was amazed. This thing(or things) are everywhere I go following my every move. I have shown only a few people and they also confirm I am not crazy, lol. Although nobody has seen what my fiancé and I have seen. Mostly because we've spent a lot of time looking for it. It's really starting to freak me out actually. I don't want to go broadcasting it to a lot of people for fear I'll be humiliated. I am obsessed with finding out what this is and why it follows and watches me. Start looking around at night and you may actually see the same thing. It sounds like what you saw was what I see all the time. If you find out anything else about this object, please let me know.


Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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