August 2005

Las Vegas, Nevada V-Shaped Black Craft

Date: August 2005 ?
Time: Approx: 11:00 p.m.

Additional Information: (Just wanted to clarify something, if looked to me as if it was a wing-shaped craft, or a boomerang shape, a boomerang shape might be the best description).

Hi, This happened about 1 month ago. I live in Las Vegas in Green Valley. I was in my backyard at about 11:00pm watering my lawn when I noticed what appeared to be 5 or 6 stars descending down. They were very similar to stars but slightly different, I would say they were a little smaller than stars, and the light more focused.

I quickly realized this was not at all normal and focused all my attention on this. When I first saw it, the stars were forming something very close to a circle, but as it descended, the stars were a different shape, as I gather I was looking at them from a different angle at that point.

They had come straight down as far as I could tell, then they started moving sideways. At this point I started to make out a shape bigger than the stars, because as they moved sideways, I could see other stars in the background disappear and re-appear, and as I watched I could make out what appeared to be a V-shaped black craft. I then watched this craft move out of my sight. In total I saw it for about 15 seconds, at which point I could no longer see it.

If it were not for those star like lights, I would not have been able to see it. It descended right over the mountains here in Las Vegas, and continued on a path over the mountains, flying right above them. Since it was nighttime it's really difficult to say how far away this craft was, and it's size, but taking a rough guess I'd say it was about 2 miles away, and it was gigantic. Extremely difficult to say for certain, but it was really big, say 300-500 feet in diameter. It had no sound coming from it whatsoever.

That was my first sighting of a UFO, I only wish I could have gotten a better look at it.

Additional Information:

Hi Brian,

I wish I could tell you an exact date, but I cannot. Like I said, it was about a month ago, but it could have been 1.5 months or even as long as two months ago. Now that I think about it, it was probably about two months ago. Sorry, I'm not that great with time.

I have included a crude map of where I live and the direction I was looking, and the rough path of the craft. I was looking south, and it was traveling in a western direction, and I estimate it was right above the tip of the mountain, flying right directly above the mountain, going in a path along the mountain. It descended very quickly, as you know it's really super hard to give an accurate description of speed in the daytime, let alone at night, but taking a rough guess I'd say it descended down at about 500mph and then immediately flew along the mountain at the same speed. Lot's of commercial jets landing over at McCarran Airport fly in the opposite direction the craft was flying, and I see them all the time, the craft in question was many times larger than these commercial jets are, say at least 10 times larger, the biggest thing I've ever seen in the sky before by far. My impression when I first saw it, and watched it for 15 seconds, was that I had just seen something from "out of this world". That's the feeling I got from it.

As you can see from the map I've included as an attachment, I'm not that far from Henderson Executive Airport or the McCarran Airport.

I'm sorry I cannot draw worth a beans, so I won't even try, but you know the type of black v-shaped craft that is often reported? That's basically what I saw, or to be more accurate, that's what I "think" I saw, I could barely make out the outline of the craft, but from what I could see, it looked v-shaped, it looked very black, and the lights looked as though they were on the bottom of the craft, and nowhere else, not on it's side or top that I could see, although I don't think I could see anything on it's top. Again, impossible to say for certain.

The lights I saw where white, just like stars, but you know how stars kind of twinkle? These did not twinkle at all, the light was more focused, but looked very similar to a star, maybe just slightly smaller than a star.

I did not see any other aircraft around it or following it, this thing just descended from straight up and came straight down very quickly and flew along the mountain, really cruising, say maybe 500mph, maybe more, hard to say, and I lost sight of it after about 15 seconds. And that was it, no other aircraft came flying after it, but I would assume it had just come from "outer space".

I looked over at my neighbors backyard to maybe see if they had seen it too, but they were not there, so no I do not know of anyone else to saw it. But I got to tell you, unless you were pretty much looking right in that direction, and happen to see it as it was descending, I don't think you would have seen it. It blended so well with the night sky.

I cannot give you much more cause that was pretty much it, what makes me know it was a UFO is two main reasons. The first one is that this thing descended straight down, not at an angle, airplanes don't do that. Blimps cannot move anywhere near as fast as this thing was moving, and it was 2-3 times bigger than any blimp.

It's hard to describe, but when you see a blimp, or an airplane, or anything like that you don't get the impression you just saw something out of this world, but this thing gave me that distinct impression, that what I had just seen was something much different than anything that I have seen before, both by it's sheer size, how it was silent, it's ability to descend straight down, it's apparent shape, and how it just flew off like it did. Another words, it was as if gravity did not effect this craft, it could descend and then fly away with ease.

Hey, thanks for even listening, I'm sure you get lots of reports like these, but for me it's the first time I've ever seen such a thing, and it was a bit strange, for lack of a better word.

Take care.

Thank you to the witness for the excellent job on this report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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