August 2nd 2005

Kelseyville, California Two Objects With Brightly Flashing Lights

Date: August 2, 2005
Time: After midnight

Number of witnesses: 6
Number of objects: 2

Full Description of event/sighting: Hello Brian, Last night me and my boyfriend were sitting on our deck watching the stars, we have been having nice meteor showers here for the past few nights. We had a good look around at the night sky for about a hour, it was still early in the night and since the meteor activity don't pick up until after midnight we came back inside at about 11:30. We had a snack and then came back out at almost 12:00 a.m . I sat down and pretty much right after sitting I noticed to the right of me, at the far right end of my yard above the tree tops a very bright star. I got up went to the stairs and watched this star looking object flash bright red, orange, green and white lights. My boyfriend was also observing this with me at that moment. I thought that maybe it could be a planet, but it was flashing so many lights, so brightly, and looked so low, but I wasn't sure. I went inside and got my dad to come out and look. At first he thought it might be a planet too, he said "it sure is flashing alot of colors" He then noticed as well as me and my boyfriend that it was moving around.

He made me go into his car and get out his field binoculars so we could see it closer. I gave them to him and once he got a good look at it he said "wow" it has three lights on it! I took the binoculars and saw three distinct white lights on it, the white lights were in the middle. On the outer sides of the object were red blinking lights. My dad thought that maybe it was some sort of government helicopter, but he said he didn't know for sure. We got my two younger brothers to come out and my mom to take a look at it, they were also baffled. The object went behind the tree's and was hard to make out so we got in my dads truck and drove down the road to where there was a large clearing. The object must have been traveling at great speed because it was much further away when we got to the lookout point. But through the binoculars we could still see it flashing all the colors.

We watched the one object for about 10 minutes and then suddenly my dad said "your not going believe this, but look over there" and to the north east of us was another object just like the other but closer. Just incase I didn't mention it before the first object was to the north west of us. The first one started out low to the horizon, I'm guessing about 20,000 feet up maybe less, I'm just not good at guessing altitudes :( it was low enough for me to look through binoculars and make a shape of it anyway. The other was about the same as well. They were just staying stationary and moving around here and there, they slowly moved further and further away until they were little dots in the horizon. The first going in a northern direction and the other going north eastern direction. I have drawn a picture of the objects to show you what they looked like , cause its hard to explain. The whole event lasted about a hour and a half.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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