August 3rd 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Malta (Saratoga Lake), NY, America

Date: 08/03/05 9:45PM-10:00PM EST, (aproximatley)

Approach Direction: Northeast

Departure Direction: Southeast

Witness Direction: Northeast

Description: Stepping outside of my workplace for some fresh-air -that being Big Bobby Brown's Restraunt on the very southern tip of Saratoga lake-. I noticed a bright light which I initially took to be a bright planet or star, which in restrospect would've been unusual in and of itself, considering we had only a few hours earlier experienced a round of thunderstorms that left behind an overcast sky. As I focused in on the light it began to change, from what at my perspective at first looked to be a motionless/stationary light, to a light moving swiftly towards the lake surface while pulling towards the west in a curved flight-path.

(as a side note I would like to mention that another craft moving towards the direction of the above-lake craft glided through the clouds right above my head silently at what seemed to be a lower altitude than most aircraft, and was only visible as a triangular configuration of strobe lights, I quickly lost my visual lock of second object while focusing my attention on the first).

As it made the curved maneuvre, the main white light would dim out and a red light would appear flashing in its place. At this point, it stopped, dimmed, and moved off towards the east again, seemingly slowing to an all-stop and then moved towards the west again, all while continuing the alteration between the bright white and flashing red light. It continued this motion which could infact be interpreted as a craft with a defined nose and tale circling over the lake in concentric loops almost like a search pattern, all while maintaining a perceived altitude of around 125 meters, it did however stop, hover and change direction intermintently all while returning to the loop maneuvre during the course of about 15 minutes.

During this time the bright white light was something like a spotlight in which the beam was visible streaming through the humid night air. the beam of light never pointed towards the ground but was changing it's angle /orientation of the beam direction independently of the perceived motion of the craft and seemed to be keeping itself parallel to the ground. It was clearly visible over our heads (mine and my boss') for a few moments on multiple occations during the duration of the sighting. I even made an attempt at communication. I flashed the headlights of my SUV in its direction, Tried S.O.S in old Morris Code, tried flashing 9 times in 3 sets of 3. and even matched the flashing of my headlights with that of the flashing red light on the craft. As soon as I attempted communication the craft headed swiftly towards the south-southwest and dissapeared behind the treeline. No engine noises were heard, in fact there were'nt any other visible aircraft during the entire time (besideds the peculiar sighting of the low altitude, silent, strobing lights) or boats for that matter, most likeley due to unstable atmospheric conditions.

Color/Shape: No color or shape detected, only thing visible were the white light and the red light. This could be explained as the craft being a solid structure with a defined nose and tail (white light at nose, Red light at tail) moving in circles so that as it moved towards us the white light was visible and as it turned and moved away the white light slowly faded to be replaced by a flashing red light. It seemed so much like a helicopter with the Spotlight on front, except that the spot light never hit the ground but just scanned the air randomly, it also moved really fast and changed direction fast (more nimbly than any kind of helicpter the police or civilians own), and most intruiging was the fact that it was completley silent. The only thing man-made that I can think that would be able to perform for us as that object had done, would be some kind of advanced military helicopter with a sound-dampening system which allows for 100% total sound reduction. I am unaware of any declassified technologies within the public or private sectors capable of such a feat.

Height & Speed: High was approximatley anwhere between 100 and 200 meters above the surface of the lake. Maneuvred and exited area with estimated speeds between 100 and 300 MPH.

TV/Radio/Press: Not that I am aware.


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