August 20th 2005

Phoenix, Arizona Several Objects Flashing

Date: August 20, 2005
Time: 3:31 p.m.


How's it going today? We are still steaming in the 112 degree temperatures today so I decided to work indoors on analyzing some of my recent videos and noticed something very interesting. On this day I captured my first day object of the year, which you have and posted to your website but was surprised to see what else appeared in this video clip. I noticed that several objects were flashing so I slowed the video to 1/3 speed to see their movements and was caught by surprise. You can see that another object appears at the right of the screen heading towards the main object I was taping. The object on the right stops and waits for another object to pass in front of it moving extremely fast. There was very little wind and the altitude of these objects were over 5K ft.

I am confident that these objects are not balloons for the obvious reasons. Like the movement and the different directions these 3 objects are going. I also can't see this as pieces of paper being blown around in the wind since it wasn't windy that day. Birds and planes are also thrown out. What do you think?

Thank you to my friend Richard, all footage and photos are © 2005 RichG.

You can view Richard's website at: http://www.cnufos.com/

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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