August 23rd 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Danville, Ky USA

Date: Tuesday 08/23/05 EST 8:45pm- 10:50pm

Approach Direction: West to East

Departure Direction: Just disappeared

Witness Direction: Due West

Description: Around 8:45 pm Tuesday I had just arrived home and being an avid sky watcher, I looked to the west. There were two star like bright lights. The only ones out since it was still daylight here. I told my husband that they looked like cat eyes and he agreed. I went into the house for about 30 minutes and came out again as it was no becoming dark. The two objects were still there in the same location which I thought was odd given the time lapse. As I watched one of the objects turned bright orange while the other stayed very bright white. My son came out and I pointed it out to him and we both watched as the organge one faded away and was gone. My first thought that it was a cloud covering it but the sky was clear. A few seconds later it came back brighter than before then started moving a little to the left then right and then up. It finally settled back in the same place that it started from. I had the feeling it was searching for something. As I watched it, it repeated the fading, coming back, and movement for 1 hour. In the pasture area in which this was taking place above I could see a light way off in the trees. The other object was resembling a veda while I watched the organge one. Around 10:45pm the orange one just disappeared as did the light on the ground, and never came back. The white object which by this time I had dismissed as a veda just disappeared at 10:50pm and I saw neither one again, I watched until 11:30pm. Note: There had been three black triangles in the area for several days before this happened.

Color/Shape: Bright white and bright orange. Both were shaped like a stars

Height & Speed: approximately 2000 ft above ground could not tell speed


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