National Radio Astronomy's VLA, New Mexico

Early September 2005

National Radio Astronomy's VLA In New Mexico - Object ?

Date: Early in September 2005
Time: Daytime

Hi Brian, A friend who was traveling back to Oklahoma from LA stopped and took some shots of the National Radio Astronomy's VLA in New Mexico, early this past September. He sent me the pictures on a CD. He is not aware of what is on them.

I have developed the habit of enlarging any pictures that are high resolution and have good sky views. I am finding all kinds of "hidden in plain sight" objects. These pictures were interesting enough to look at. The very first exposure that I expanded the detail on at is the one I have attached. There were two anomalous items that appeared in the enlarged pictures. I sent a lower res shot with the items circled, for reference, and I sent you the original hi-res shot. Perhaps you can look at the hi-res with better software than I possess and perhaps get a clearer image. The green anomaly appeared in three of the pictures. All of the pictures (16) were shot from basically the same location and within probably a 15 minute window. The object moves, in relation to the terrain landmarks in the various pictures. I don't think this is attributable to the photographer changing his position. I do not think this is something on the lens of the camera, since it is only in three of the exposures. I also do not think it is lens flare, since most of the pictures are shot almost simultaneously and at relatively the same angle, with the sun to the photographer's back.

I have been finding these "orbs" in chemtrail patterns, in pictures shot from my house in France, and in reviewing some older sky shots that were taken when I was still living in southern California, they are there too. At first I thought these were simply something that was a phenomena of digital cameras, but in scanning and enlarging some old film photos...there they were too. It seems that I am not the only one experiencing this. The internet is full of sites with similar objects captured. I certainly wish I knew what they are. This is the first green one that I have seen.

I was working with some film pictures, from 2002, that I had also taken in New Mexico. In these I found a black cylinder, oriented vertically, among the clouds. I did not see it when taking the photos. The subject of the shots were lenticular clouds over some mesas. Only under enlargement, it seems, do these objects become visible.

If you, or your associates have any luck getting some detail from the hi-res shot, I would love to see it. Keep up the good work.


Thank you to the person who sent in the report and photos. It certainly is appreciated.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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