Balsam Lake, North-East Wisconsin

September 3rd 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Balsam Lake, North-East Wisconsin, USA

Date: September 3rd, 2005, 10:00 pm CDT
  Weather was incredibly clear w/out moon

Approach Direction: Directly North to South

Departure Direction: First object: descending to the west
  Second and Third objects: shot across the sky in a perfectly north-south direction

Witness Direction: Originally facing northwest, ultimately scanning entire sky

Description: I had hear of many sighting occurring in the area, so my eyes were peeled as soon as the sun went down. There were some WILD stories coming from nearby Frederic, WI. In this part of the state, being very sparsely populated, has incredible starlight. I sky-watch whenever I can, so I have a pretty good feel for which stars/planets are which. This particular night I went out to my car to get my fishing gear. If I was going to be skywatching I may as well fish, too! But before I could get my rod out of the car I could see a VERY bright orange-red light. At first I thought it was a planet, but I noticed it was clearly moving. It's hard to say how far away this light was, but after about ten minutes it disappeared behind the treeline. By this time my heart was pounding and I was scanning the entire sky. When I looked to the northern sky, two tiny dots of light flying perfectly paralell to one another SHOT directly over my head. By this time I was screaming to the house, telling everyone to come check it out. Of course there was nothing to be seen by the time anyone came outside, leaving me to look like an idiot. They told me it was probably just a satellite, but I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. I know what a satellite looks like. I have never seen sattellites fly side-by-side at such an ungodly speed. It was truly awesome and anyone who doubts that there is something strange happening in the North Woods needs to open their eyes, maybe make a trip to see for themselves. I'd bet if anyone spent a week in Northern Wisconsin they would no doubt see either a UFO, sasquatch, or ghost. After all, it is my opinion that Wisconsin has strange effects on both people and the environment and is home to some of the weirdest things in the world.

Color/Shape: First object: orange-red, bright light
  Second and third objects: tiny points of light, side-by side, incredibly fast

Height & Speed: unknown altitude, very fast
  ---first object appeared far away from second and third objects and was moving in a completely different direction

TV/Radio/Press: Not this particular sighting, but as I stated, there had been many bizarre encounters happening for years and years in that particular area. '05 was particularly busy with weirdness.


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