September 5th 2005

Surprise, Arizona Lights Above The Horizon

Date: September 5, 2005 ?
Time: 9:00 p.m.

Hi Brian,

The attached were taken by my son who lives in Surprise Az., (west valley), approx. ten days ago. The UFO's are the lights above the horizon not those near the ground. We were on the phone at 12 am +/- eastern daylight time, 9 pm in AZ.. He and his fiancée were watching the lights for twenty minutes or so. There was no sound for much of that time until five fighter jets from Luke flew over his house. Naturally, as soon as he saw the jets the lights disappeared. As you can see the sky was clear, but given the fact that it was dark he was unable to determine the height. He has seen the same type of lights on a number of occasions and this is the first time he took photos. You can publish the pictures on your site. If you want to contact him his address is (removed).

Photo taken at Surprise, Arizona

Thank you to the eyewitness for the report and the photos.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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