September 10th 2005

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Time: 3:00am

There seems to be alot of activity going on here in this area. Something similar appeared just last night on the opposite side of the mountain. You must understand that Idaho Springs is in a canyon and the walls have homes on them. I live on the northern side and the activity was on the south side.

This time there were several of the bright orange, yellowish light that was shaped in a horseshoe yet circular pattern..there appeared to be a craft perhaps but it looked more like a star or satalite in the sky to the east. The satalite would pulse as if it was sending morris code. Then the orange light at one area at a time would do the same morris code type thing back to the satalite. While transmitting it would get extremely bright orange then would grow dim until finally the light would appear just like it always appears as a light on a home. There were several that got bright and pulsated at the same time while others when dim and just went back to being the same yellow light that they appear all the time meaning how they look every day.

I am not certain what time I went to bed I watched for a while. The people that live next door to me have an apple tree and several deer had come down to feed on the apples..that was what had orginally woke me up. At this time of the year I sleep with my door open to my bedroom that is an outside door with a screen on it...so I can hear the out doors.

I am reporting this to you only because I know that this sort of thing is happening and some people are interested. Non of this has been made up. I saw this. I just don't want the entire world to know my name...Some people just don't think beyond this world..I do..


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