September 10th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City

Date: 09/10/05 ~3:45PM-4:00PM EST

Approach Direction: From the west

Departure Direction: To the east

Witness Direction: Looking towards the north but pretty much all over

Description: You can find information in a page I made at http://cornershots.com/lights.html

Includes a picture

Color/Shape: 2 separate sightings approximately 10 minutes apart. First was a silverish object which disappeared and reappeared intermittently. Second was three lights one of which slowly changed from red to white and back.

Height & Speed: My best estimate of height would be approximately 50,000 feet? Sorry it's hard for me to say. Was travelling slowly towards the east.

Follow-up from Brian Vike:

Hi Brian, thanks for the follow-up email.

The group of three lights I saw hung around for quite some time. They were moving east but very slowly. They were in my view for at least 10-15 minutes.

The three objects moved as a group but independently - meaning they were headed in the same general direction but not in any tight formation. The distances between them varied as they flew. Again, it is hard for me to speculate their speed and size because they seemed so far away. But if I had to guess I'd say compared to my hand held straight out - they travelled a hand's width every minute.

Here is a link to the exact area where I witnessed the objects. http://tinyurl.com/cfa7a

This is a semi industrial area in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. John F. Kennedy airport is approximately 12 miles from here. There were other planes in the vicinity.

The 3 objects remained red for the most part. The 'center' one in the photo changed from red to white and back again very slowly - the way a lava lamp might. Does that make sense?

I will gladly grant fair usage rights for the photo on the HBCC website. Credits and a link to http://cornershots.com would be most appreciated.

Update: At ~3:50pm EST today (9/18) I stepped outside onto the backporch with my newly acquired 8x Bushnell binoculars. Note that this was almost exactly the same time of day that I had my first sighting. Conditions were similar - sun shining slightly to the southwest and for the most part a clear day - very few clouds. Lo and behold what did I see - the same object I saw about 10 minutes before I noticed the 3 red objects (photo) last week. Holding my binoculars up - it exhibited the same behavior - heading southeast and it seemed to change shape. Forgive my description, but as far as I could tell it seemed to change from a bright white circle into a thin red stick type object. It did this about 5 times a minute again in that lava lamp type movement. The red and white seems to suggest that this is similar to the objects I saw last week. It's movement was quite slow and I was able to track it with my binoculars quite easily. I wish I had a powerful zoom lens to photograph it. I'd be willing to bet that if I stood in Brooklyn at 3:50pm tomorrow I'd be able to witness the same object.

Given the consistent time and slow speed of the object, I'm leaning towards some kind of manmade object - but who knows? You're the expert here. ;) I hope the description I provided will give you some clue as to the true nature of the object(s) I saw. Thanks for your help and for reading this super lengthy email. Please let me know if you come to any conclusions.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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