September 14th 2005

Couple In West Central Minnesota Sees Bright Light Grow Larger Then Splits Into Six

Date: September 14, 2005
Time: 7:30 p.m

Hey Brian, something new for me here in West Central Minnesota. Thai started as a single, bright white light in the western sky. I noticed the bright light at about 7:30 p.m. CST. It grew brigger and bigger. At approxamately 7:45 p.m. Then split into six lights, like a triangle within a triangle. I grabbed the camera and went outside.

I got two shots in a row before it burst, sending all six lights in various directions and out of sight. Just gone and beyond fast! As if it was never there, it went that fast. 7:50 p.m.

God knows I've seen alot of them and I have photographed close to a hundred, all various shapes and sizes and different manuvers. This was different, which is why I am sharing it. See if you can find someone to do some photo work. This tonight, September 14, 2005.

The main thing was it presented as a single bright white light in West sky. Moon was to the SE. Then became six lights in the shape of a triangle within a triangle. Then the six burst off in different directions.

If I had the working equipment it would have shown the morphing that they are capable of perfectly.

Additional Information:


A woman and her friend who live about 6 miles west of me called me just a while ago. She said a friend had told her to call me because I have had sightings over many years. It turned out I did know the person she referred to. She asked if I had seen anything on Wednesday night. I told her yes I had. I then asked what she had seen. She and her friend were on the deck of her lake property and they noticed a big white light low in the west. No other stars were out yet as the sun had just gone down. It grew larger as it came closer. She told me it was alarming and they were scared yet curious. She said it was as big as a full moon. Just when they were thinking to go inside for cover it split into smaller lights. Blue-green, red-magenta, amber. These were in triangle positions one of each color. The bright white light was gone.

They became almost terrified, but then the lights each individually went separate ways and all was back to normal. Her friend does not wish to discuss it ever again. He was so terrified. She asked me to tell her what I know. I laughed and told her I knew as much as she did. She said she didn't believe me. I told her an expirience no matter how documented or profound is never proof. Guilty until proven innocent kind of thing. I assured her I believed her. For what that is worth. I suggested that she make a report to you but she felt that was out of the question at this time. She wished to remain respected in the community. I told her I took no offense by that statement. I thanked her for calling me. I told her I would share their story.

You may wish to add her statements to my report.

Thank you to the eyewitness for the report. The photos are © Anna-n-Moss 2005.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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