September 17th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Sunset effect or something else?

Location: Off Cape Meares, Oregon, USA

Date: 09/17/05 9:00 pm local time

Approach Direction: Not known

Departure Direction: Not known

Witness Direction: Due West

Description: Shortly after sunset, we were watching the western sky, focused on the sunset (sunset ahead due west, moonrise behind, due east). The sky was clear of clouds except for the distant horizon (West) which had clouds only at the base of the sky, and behind us there was a small bank of clouds through which the nearly full moon had just risen.

As we scanned the western horizon above remnants of the sunset, two of us saw 4, perhaps 5 repetitions of a light show. We saw a row (once two rows) of very bright yellow-orange lights, large 'panels' of light perhaps 4 times as tall as they were wide, in a regular horizontal row. One of these phenomena involved two rows of lights next to each other, but not in the same-dimensional plane -- as if there were two objects giving off light that were not level with each other. The # of 'light panels' we saw at any given time varied from three to seven; the time we saw seven there was a gap or space of darkness which provided a marker and we could see that the lights were slowly rotating out of sight on the right hand edge.

The lights were out over the ocean, perhaps 3 to 5 miles, about 15 or 20 degrees above the horizon from our vantage point. There were no other lights visible before, during or after we saw these lights (no running lights). No Sound we could hear above the surf. The lights were on, very bright light like looking through ports into a blast furnace, for 20 to 30 seconds, and they did not move, remained stationary in the sky, and then they would turn off. The second set of lights was WNW or so, then the two sets of lights next to each other again due West, then WNW again, and finally one light due West. As they appeared in a different part of the sky, at the same height, it was only after a 30 second to 1 minute pause. We never saw the outlines of craft, or saw the lights move at all.

All of this happened within a span of 5-7 minutes, then it stopped.

Color/Shape: Yellow-orange lights, as if through bays of windows, were the only colors we saw. The lights were regular and repeated in shape, perhaps 4 times as high as wide, in a uniform row.

Height & Speed: Est. height several hundred feet (we could see the lights reflected off the ocean's surface)

TV/Radio/Press: Not that we know of.


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