September 18th 2005

Location: Right above Downtown, passing thru Geneva Lake, Lake Geneva, WI, USA

Date: Sunday evening,
7:35pm -7:55pm Central Time

Approach Direction: Coming from west, moving towards the east side of the Lake.

Departure Direction: They went up straight high.

Witness Direction: Towards the west.

Description: As I was sitting outside from Starbucks having my coffee with a friend, I noticed something in the sky, I saw two lights far from the west, coming in a straight direction towards east, flying very close to each other, and much farther were two other flying in a parallel position, I thought that they might be helicopters, but it was very unusual, as there are not many aircrafts flying thrughout that particular area (above the lake), and approaching in a slow speed, and suddenly they stayed still right above downtown (in the sky of course), my sensation was as somebody was watching me, and I don't lie to you guys as they were there for more than 5 mins. in a still position, and as there were more people outside (customers) I told them to look up to the sky, and we kept watching every single move they did, and the first two lights went up high, higher and higher completely straight up and they disappear, the other two approaching parallely, as they were coming, an aircraft flew between them (much lower), getting closer to the same position, they did the same, they stayed still, and we were astonish as we all witnessed something so out of the ordinary, then the two lights started going up, higher and higher and they disappear. Many more people talked about it, and we really don't have an explanation about this ocurrence.

By the way, I wanna to mentioned that we had a full bright moon, just a few clouds in the sky. We were able to see the stars so clear in the sky.

Color/Shape: yellow/orange light,like a round headlight.

Height & Speed: The first two(which they were flying in the same position- one next to the other with a distance in between),I will say much higher than helicopters,but in a very slow speed, and suddenly they approach faster and they stayed completely still.

The other two were flying a little faster but way back and then they speed up.

TV/Radio/Press: Not that I'm awared of it. Just people started to talk about it and made phone calls to others in town.


Report sent to HBCCUFO Research:

Lake Geneva Wisconsin Four Bright Orange Lights

Date: September 18, 2005
Time: 8:00 p.m.

Message: Tonight while I was at work, 9/18 in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, I was called outside by three customers. There were four bright orange lights spread out throughout the sky. They stayed pretty steady just slightly moving for about 10 minutes. After about ten minutes they all began moving toward each other and met up with each other directly overhead within 1 minute. Once together they went one by one higher and higher until they were out of sight. It took approx five minutes until the forth one went up and was gone. There was a plane flying by as the 4 had come together and was much lower than the lights. When I went back inside, there were four more workers who said customers came inside and saw the same thing the night before. Both nights were perfectly clear, the first night they were around about 9:00pm, then back around midnight. Tonight they were around at about 8:00pm.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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