Septmber 21st 2005

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Date: September 21st 2005
Time: 9pm - Midnight

Wanted to let someone know about I sighting my boyfriend and I witnessed on 9/21/05 between 9pm and midnight. This sighting was recorded on video camera cell phone pix and video, digital pix and video.

The object was extremely bright, large in the sky to the southeast of my location (Aurora, IL). The moon was nearly full and bright. Also had a point of reference with high level power lines. This object was stationary for long periods of time and at other times slowly ascended higher and higher into the sky. It also disappeared and reappeared numerous times, many of which were documented on camera. We also used a simple binocular set.

This object was orange in color, but came across as white with green streaks on the computer screen. This object had a definite sturcture (looked created rather than geologic in nature). It also had a tail that seemed to come of the side rather than following the object. At first I thought this was a meteor or comet, but it moved to slow and changed brightness levels too many times, and the tail was not following the path.

Has anyone else reported this for 9/21/05? I sent out some other requests for such information to news sites and got no response. Was there any type of military exercise or other explanation for this phenomena? I would say it seems similar to some other reports on your site, but the object was solo.

Also, there were several planes overhead (Aurora is near enough to O'Hare for these planes to be major sized aircraft) and they looked nothing like the object, nor were they as close, as bright or even similar in appearance to the object. Did anyone else see this???


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