September 22nd 2005

Location: Merrill, Wi USA

Date: 9/22/2005 9:15-9:45 PM

Approach Direction: 2 south, 1 west, and 1 east

Departure Direction: 1 north, 1 west, 1 east, and 1 west (in accordance w/approach)

Witness Direction: west

Description: While checking to make sure bedroom window was closed, noticed what looked like two red lights next to each other. I had decided to go outside to see. The object was moving slowly north, then I went inside to grab the video camera because it seemed odd. When I returned outside I was somewhat dissapointed the object was no longer there. It was then I noticed another object to the west heading faster than normal plane speed. It was flashing red and white at strange intervals. I first dismissed this as a normal aircraft but continued to film. I then noticed two more objects, one from the south another from the east. The first object and the one from the east were heading towards eachother. Said objects then came close to another, closer than normal aircraft. I had lost visual with the one from the south. I quickly ran inside and called the local airport which is about a half or whole mile north and asked about any activity in the area. I was told that a single flight had left around a half an hour earlier otherwise there was nothing. I continued to qustion about ANY activity in the sky and received the same response. I don't recall seeing this much activity around this area at this time of night. It is unlike me to take such an initiative and I remain very skeptical about any sighting. Though this one remains a mystery to me. I checked the video and (yes this will sound cliche), but I was unable to get the objects on film. The sky only appears black other than explainable lights close by.

Color/Shape: red and white flashing, no distingishing shape visible

Height & Speed: faster than normal aircraft in area

TV/Radio/Press: I am reporting this about an hour later.


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