September 22nd 2005

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
September 27, 2005

DATE: September 24, 2005
SOURCE: "El Sudcaliforniano" (newspaper)


SANTA ROSALIA, B.C.S - On Thursday night we saw something new and strange that amazed this reporter. The time was 8:30 pm when a plate-shaped luminous object appeared over Sierra de la Reforma, spinning at high speed and heading east from the western reaches of the Gulf of California toward the location known as Las Tres Virgenes. It subsequently vanished as if a large noiseless explosion had occured. It produced a large, fog-like cloud which covered part of the mountain range in a matter of minutes, which reached this port before dispersing.

This luminous object and its colored lights moved noiselessly, leaving behind a wake similar to that of a comet. It is similar to some cases that have taken place in other countries and have been presented on TV by journalist Jaime Maussan, who speaks of them as extraterrestrial spacecraft.

According to several local witnesses, this is not the first time that [the object] has been seen in the vicinity of ranches adjacent to the Las Virgenes volcano, Santa Rosalia and San Jose de Magdalena. Even some of the parties interviewed after the event agree that they have seen it on other occasions in locations other than the areas indicated.

Yesterday morning, some residents of this port claimed having seen the same phenomenon described by this reporter; even the Sonora radio station made reference to phone calls received from eyewitnesses claimg to have seen a strange light crossing the skies, coinciding with the characteristics and the time at which the UFO sighting took place, causing controversy in Santa Rosalía and its environs.

In the photos taken by this reporter yesterday it was possible to make out the colors and strange shape of the luminous wake left behind by the object. It was not possible to capture the saucer's image through the lens -- this was possibly due to its intense light and speed. What could well have been an alien spacecraft, by mutual agreement of those of us who saw it, occurred over a region to the north of this port city, which can easily observed from the higher end of the town.

According to our experience, and from what we have seen on television for years, the object was very similar to the vessels that argue for the presence of beings from elsewhere in the universe -- a fact that our minds struggle against accepting until a sighting occurs, like the one experienced by this reporter, and of which we have proof.

(eyewitness report by Nicolás Chaidez)

Image scan of the El Sudcaliforniano newspaper

Close up of photo from the El Sudcaliforniano newspaper

Translation (c) 2005. S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).
Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid and Carlos.

UFOINFO would like to thank Scott Corrales for granting permission to use this article.


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