Chillicothe-Winigan, Missouri

September 25th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: First spotted outside: Chillicothe/MO/USA

Date: 09/25/05 11:50 PM CST

Approach Direction: unknown... was in the south when spotted

Departure Direction: stayed overhead in Winigan, Mo where we live until about 2:45 AM on Sept 24, 2005 and then just "winked" out.

Witness Direction: East

Description: I was not going to mention this because it did not seem significant. However, I can't seem to put this "incident" from my mind. My family and I were coming home from church (and we stayed after and ate dinner with some members so it was late) in Chillicothe, Missouri. I was driving and just had a "feeling" someone was watching us. It was already dark and there were no vehicles following us. We were on HWY 36 and had turned on "F" heading to HWY 11 toward Winigan, Mo where we reside. I remember looking up along the horizon to the south-east and there was a very bright light. It wasn't a "shooting" star or anything... and it didn't seem to be moving. I just figured there was a star shining unusually bright that evening. My husband and 11 year old daughter both saw the light, as well. They both remarked how bright and odd it looked. When we turned on "F" I could just barely see the light from my periphial vision but my daughter kept remarking about it.

When I turned our vehicle on HWY 11 (which would be North) The light seemed to "move with us". I can't explain it because we are not sure how the light seemed to consistantly "stay with us". I then thought maybe the "light" was a jet of some kind.

When we turned on "HH" to go to HWY 129 there was another "light" in the sky.. this one was not as bright but seemed unusually brighter than the other stars out. It was a VERY clear night and we all remember the incident quite clearly.

When I turned left (North) on 129, the 2 "stars" were directly East of us. When we pulled into our home which faces "South" the two lights, which were quite a distance from each other when we first spotted them, now were very close together and almost directly East of our home and almost overhead in that Easterly direction... and they were not moving. My husband and daughter went into the house, but I was mesmerised by the lights and continued to watch. The one was stationary and seemed to "twinkle" like a star... but then other times it would just be very bright... a "white light"... the other light "twinkled" continously. I watched for about 15 20 minutes and went back inside. It was approximately 12:45 AM (Sept 26) when I went back inside. I kept coming out to check the lights periodically and each time they would be in a different position... always in the East... almost like they were hovering.. like helicoptors... but there was no noise. At 2:45 I stepped out, once again, to check the lights and noticed that the smaller, not as bright light started moving in a northly direction and then "winked out". That's all I could say.. it was there and then it wasn't. At that time the brighter light, still as bright as when I'd first seen it, also started moving North. It was slow but I watched it move and it finally stayed put just north east of us. It never went out but the brillance lessoned. The whole time I just had that feeling that someone was "watching" us. I'm not one to 'feel' things... so this incident had me just a bit frightened.

When I went to bed I just decided that it had to have been a satellite or a star or something. The next evening I went outside and there was no star in the sky that could compare to the brillance of the lights the night before.. and, in fact, there were NO stars of the dimension or brilliance where the one had stopped and remained stationary at 2:45 that morning.

Color/Shape: Bright White/twinkling at times. From the human eye looked like a large circle.

Height & Speed: unknown

TV/Radio/Press: N/A We never reported this as I was a bit embarrassed about it. However, I was told that there was a satellite or something out (Venus) that night. However, I've NEVER seen stars that would "blink out" or "move" like that before.


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