September 29th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Turner Maine, United States

Date: September 29th 2005 approx. 7:25pm

Approach Direction: South South West

Departure Direction: didn't see, fell behind tree line

Witness Direction: South

Description: We were driving home and were looking right at Venus and this object, when we first caught sight of it, was falling at a medium slant very quickly and it was under Venus so it was fairly close by (in terms of line of sight) I would esitmate 2 - 5 miles away and quickly disappeared below the tree line out of sight. Approx 10 min earlier, we saw 2 very slow moving lights with no noise going in a South South East direction. We pulled over and watched and as we watched one of the lights went out and the other dimmed considerably.

Color/Shape: Bright white with possibly a little orange/red in the center

Height & Speed: Unsure, moved very swiftly


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