San Marcos, California

September 29th 2005

San Marcos, California Two Rectangular Light Colored Objects

Date: September 29, 2005
Time: Evening

I keep looking at skies that seem empty. On 29 September, I received a pair of 8x30 binoculars with a 3.2 megapixel camera built in. Unfortunately the camera part of the unit is difficult to use, and in the end allowed 5 shots at best, on it batteries. I'm returning the bino-cam to the seller. I used the bino function to good effect and had a couple of sightings. I started to methodically glass back and forth right at my home where my best luck has been. As usual, almost always, nothing in view. I was tracking an incoming jet on the landing beam from McCellan Palomar airport, and beyond, and much higher than the jet, I caught sight of a light colored thing. I swung the bino's back to the object as soon as I could react. Two rectangular light colored objects, that were somehow connected to one another hovered at a great height, I'll guess 15 to 25 thousand feet. It could not be seen with the naked eye.

It remained motionless for about a minute, then moved east, then north, in an arc and rose steadily till it disappeared. Less than a week later I was engaged in glassing again. It was 6:00 in the evening, on a mostly cloudless day. I thought I caught sight of objects moving through my field of view as I glassed. Some were light and some dark. They were mostly indistinct, and hard to follow. I managed to get steady on one of the dark things. It was like a little patch of smoke or cloud. The shape moved from North to South, and I'm saying to myself what now! Then it became solidly defined as a sort of flying carpet, but I was confused as it took the appearance of two skinny elongated triangles attached at the tips.

Ok, then it folds on itself and repeats the steps of carpet, triangle, fold and back to carpet. I watched It for about a minute moving South, till I had to shift my feet to follow it, and lost it. It went through the cycle I described maybe 8-10 times while in view. This thing was at great altitude, and not visible to the naked eye. The sightings I've enjoyed recently are above the highway 15/78 interchange. I doubt that casual observation would reveal their presence. I am sending the binocam back to seller because the camera is hard to use, or not working right. If it was good to go, I would have some very interesting pictures!

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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