October 1st 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: San Jose California, USA

Date: Saturday, 10/01/05 around 8:05pm PST

Approach Direction: Southbound

Departure Direction: SouthWest

Witness Direction: SouthEast

Description: I was sitting outside at night watching the clouds go by. I noticed a bright, white, star-like object that moved behind the clouds, stopped, and moved again. I called my sister to come and see it, but she could not find the light I was talking about. As we were talking about the object, we both saw this V-shaped shadow in the clouds that looked like a hang-glider, which was slowly moving back and forth. The object then proceeded Southwest. It was too high, and too big to have been a bird, and this object did not have the movements of a bird in flight. There were no lights, and no sounds at all to indicate that this object was an airplane. Shortly after the V-shaped object had passed, the bright, white light behind the clouds was gone, and a helicopter flew by in the same direction as the V shaped UFO was travelling.

Color/Shape: first object was a bright white dot. second object: white colour, boomerang/hang-glider V-shape

Height & Speed: first object: unknown. second object: height unknown. speed about 25-30mph.


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