October 2nd 2005

Sumner, Washington More Orange Lights Witnessed

Date: October 2, 2005 (Three different nights)
Time: Evening

Been seeing an orange light in the sky for 3 days and nights now. The first night it was following a brilliant white light and the orange light was there in the daylight too. Second night it was there barely moving from it's spot and still there in morning. Third night it was shooting an orange beam of light and suddenly another orange light would appear under the beam and then the top light would blink and jump - there were also 3 to 4 other lights that showed up, orange light gone in morning. Tonight it was blinking with a red light on it. During day seen a double canister looking thing in area that orange light appears during day. But soon as it got dark, only the orange light could be seen which was fading in and out. At one point, I lost it and looked above with binoculars and there was a fast strobing red and white object moving to the left. A few minutes later I heard low rumbling noise like a low plane, went outside and seen two planes flying nearly over the house in diagonal direction and that darn red/white blinking light was about 3 houses away which made me nervous. It then began to head back where it came from.

Thank you to the eyewitness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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