Great Falls, Montana

October 5th/7th 2005

Great Falls, Montana Triangular Shaped UFO With Rows Of Lights

Date: October 2005
Time: 9:30 p.m.

Message: Hello Mr. Vike

I had this sighting in October of last year, and posted it on the NUFORC site, but thought you might like to hear it too. It took place in Great Falls, Montana.

Just moved here from Fresno CA. I have had only 2 other sightings in my life. None of which compared at all to what I have seen on the dates of 10-05-05 through 10-07-05.

The first night, I was stuck outside of the house (keys were not made yet) waiting for my girlfriend and her family to come back home. We live in a residential area nearby the airport, and Malstrom AFB is about 10 or so miles away.

Around 9:30 pm, I saw 2 shapes outlines under the clouds, pitch black and a large boomerang shape, no lights, not a sound. At arms distance, they would be about the size of my hand. One was slightly smaller, or further away. I have no idea how high the clouds were that night, but I felt they were close.

I didn't think much of the sighting at first as there were lots of large birds flying south, and I had seen them in the day time, flying in similar formation. But I kept my eye in the sky.

About 5 minutes later, a few more went nearly overhead, no sound, same shape. But these were not birds, or crazy hang-gliders. They seemed to be going to slow to stay in the sky, but really how can you know how fast they are going.

After that, I saw something that made me scream literally. And cuss just a bit. A triangle shape, with two rows of lights on all sides came just over a neighbors house, about 200 feet down the road and silent. Then stopped completely, and stood up as to show off, and sat for maybe 3 or four seconds and faded into the stars.

I am surprised I didn't get shot at for yelling like that. My heart was pounding, and no one else was seeing this.

After some more sightings and around 10:00 the family pulled up, and I told them what I had seen. After a few jokes, haha, and unloading the car at light speed, I was out in the driveway again. My girlfriend stayed inside. I ended up seeing "something" 32 times that night.

The next night about 16, and the last night, I stayed up until past 4 in the am. I saw roughly 44 of these altogether, a few triangles, and even a circle shaped craft. My girlfriend and I together have seen well over a dozen, and even her mom saw one nearby and well, she's not one to give in easily...

I know the airbase is nearby, but the people here say that the runway at the base is shut down, and they are flying out of the airport. Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything since.

I believe these are not experimental, and why would they fly them right over the city all night.
"Electric City" at that.

I don't have internet access my self, but I had to get this report down, so I am at the library.

If you have any other questions, or any other reports of this, please contact me. I know others have seen these craft, unless the people here didn't look up on those days.

Have a great day!

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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