Lents Park area
Multnomah County

October 10th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Portland, Oregon - Lents Park area - Multnomah County

Date: 10/10/05 4:00am pacific std time

Approach Direction: N/ NE

Departure Direction: unknown

Witness Direction: S/ SE

Description: woke up suddenly around 4am, looked out my window and saw an unfamiliar light in the sky. I ran downstairs and grabbed some friends to go outside and look at the object with me. We both witnessed the light hanging in the sky, moving around unlike an airplane , up down and side to side. it also appeared to be too high to be a helicopter.

From time to time small colored lights flew out from the sides of the light and vanished.

In looking at the rest of the sky to make sure that we werent confusing it with stars we found 5 additional lights arranged in a sort of semi circle across the horizon. The first light had the most movement.

We watched until about 7am when it started to get light and we could no longer distinguish the object from the sky.

In talking to some other people from the neighborhood 2 other people witnessed the first object with the colored lights coming out of it.

Color/Shape: bright white, sometimes steady sometimes pulsating. colored lights came out of white light.

Height & Speed: unknown - did not see it arrive or depart


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