Aurora, Illinois

October 14th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Aurora, IL, USA

Date: 10/14-15/2005
8:30pm both nights.
Will try to advise end of sighting, usually several hours, since this is the third one.

Approach Direction: object is stationary in the southeast sky. appears to ascend. has a "tail" like a comet coming off the bottom-right, but does not apprear to trail from the object.

Departure Direction: Object was stationary. It did not depart during my viewing.

Witness Direction: South East

Description: This is a very bright light in the sky. When seen through binoculars, the object looks almost like a comet, but it is bright orange. I cannot seem to capture this object on camera, though using several methods. My father and boyfriend also have seen this. My dad saw it from his backyard in Hanover Park, IL, USA. My boyfriend is here with me when he has seen these.

Color/Shape: Color appears orange with a white tail.
the object itself is roundish. the tail has two edges with darkness between them. It blinks out and on at times, very quickly. At times, it fades, but doesn't disappear.
We have had some electrical disturbances all day, including cellular phones not functioning, lights flickering on and off...

Height & Speed: I am not sure, but it seems to be at the same angle each time, and is always stationary or ascending.

TV/Radio/Press: Have not had any responses other than from this sight regarding any of my sightings. My father is a skeptic, though, and he agreed, this object is there and he doesn't know what it is. He is an aircraft "buff". He's also seen comets and satellites in the sky...


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