Garden State Parkway, New Jersey

October 18th 2005

UFOINFO E-mail Report

On my way home on Oct. 18 8:00pm on the Garden State Parkway N.J. I witnessed a few flashes of light over the tree line. A few miles later I saw it again but this time more clearer. It was approx. 5 orange white bursts of a ball light. I saw this 5 times in a 10 minute period in different spots.

I pulled over to call home and to see this more clearly. I'm sure hundreds of others had to see this.

They practice fly jet fighters during the day sometimes in that area so I thought it could be bursts of the engine back firing. Until after one session of bursts shedded some sparks that drifted down in a side to side motion. The sparks were twinkling faintly to red and green. They suddenly started to move horizontally. These flashes were one after another basketball size from my view.

A few years back in the same area I also witnessed some weird green bursts of light over the wetland area.


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