Missoula, towards Blue Mountain, Montana

October 18th 2005

On Oct.18, my husband and I were coming out of a restaurant, when he said, oh, look at that, what is it? I turned and looked towards the Rocky Mountains called Blue Mountain and there was a very large and very bright something hovering over the Mtns. This was around 6:30pm and it was starting to get a bit dark.

We stood and watched it for about a minute and now and then we would turn to look again and it was still there. It tilted and we got a sight of a triangular shaped ship. We couldn't stand there all night so we left.

When we got home, we live on the 2nd floor of a 3 floor apt. complex and sometimes I can see a lot from up there but I couldn't even get a glimpse because a white cloud came over our section of the sky. I said, well, show is over.

The next night, Oct. 19, we were driving out in the same area to do some shopping, when my husband said, look above the Blue Mountains again, is that the same ship we saw last night? I looked up and said, well it sure looks like it.

It was huge and very bright. By the way the Mtns sit in the southern night sky. What was so odd about this sighting was the fact that we had had a pink sunset that evening, and there was a very long and thick looking chemtrail and it was a brilliant pink! It made it look as if it was under the hovering ship.

Just a very strange sight in our sky.

When we got home that evening around 7:30pm, I looked for the ship but all I could see was that chemtrail still there. We see a lot of chemtrails during the day and night time too, so it isn't that unusual to see one but this time the circumstances were a bit odd.

This is not the end of this story.

A friend of mine called me on Thurs. Oct.20 to talk and I said, wait, until you hear what we saw Tues and Wed! She said, what and I told her our story and she said, oh, for heavens sake, we saw a huge bright light hovering over our mtns up here. They live in Corvallis, Mt which is about 40 miles from where we live in Missoula, Mt.

She said, my husband and I were sitting on our deck and he was dozing off, when I saw this coming closer and closer. I thought, what the heck is that and I nudged him awake and he said, oh, it's just a star. She said, star my foot, it is much bigger than that! She said, it was slowly coming over the top of us and suddenly stopped and hovered over us and our house. She went on to say that she could make out that it was a black triangular ship and only stayed for about 30 seconds, when it suddenly shot across the sky and it was gone. They live in the country and do not have any close neighbors so they get a picturesque night sky every night. No lights around to close out the stars or any thing.

This is still not the end of my story. My girlfriend and I went to St.Ignatius, Mt on Oct 21,to pick up my medication and we met 2 friends at the Malt Shoppe for lunch. One of them had brought her daughter with her and she suddenly pulled out 2 pictures and threw them on the table. She said to me, what do you think of that, Judy? I picked one of them up and was looking at a black sky with a bright white cloud with a ship coming partially out of the cloud! I said, wow, where did you get this? We took it at our place a week ago. It was very impressive. I said, wait until you hear what we saw this week and also what Barb saw in Corvallis! Another friend who was there said, oh, come on, you didn't see another ufo did you? I never see one and I live in the country too! I laughed and said, we saw one two nights running, how do you like that?! Then I went on to tell them about ours and Barbs sightings. Jane says, when did you see the first one? I said, on Tues about 6:30 PM or so, why? She said, well, around 7PM, I was out in the garden and for some reason I looked up and there was the biggest brightest thing hanging over the Mission Range! The thing was huge and so bright it would knock your eyes out! We all said, man, what is going on. She said, I don't know but it hung around up there for about a couple of minutes and then just disappeared. I told them, I think we have all been visited, don't you? Yessss,we all replied.

This is the end of mine and their tales!

Did we call anyone and tell this to say the fellow in Seattle, Wa. No we didn't. We just thought it was an odd sort of week.

A note: there is a UFO corridor that extends from Missoula down to Corvallis and Darby, Mt so some of this isn't unusual here, however it was an unusual set of circumstances for all of us to see a triangular ship visiting all of us around the same time.It will probably never happen again, although, I have seen triangular ships 2 years prior to this one so for me, it's usual.

Additional information:

You might also add that we saw the same thing in a darker sky just last Sun, Nov.29. However, it was not over the Blue Mtns but hanging in the Southern region of the sky. We were going out to eat and when we came out, it was no where in site and believe me, we looked everywhere but no luck. It was at 6pm that time.

Two years ago, I had sightings off and on for a couple of weeks in the summer evenings. Also, I saw ufo's 3 months running. It was an odd year here.

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