Lake Ontario, Near Rochester, New York

October 19th 2005

Near Rochester, NY, (Lake Ontario) Another Sighting Of A Green Orb

Date: October 19, 2005
Time: Evening

Well I'll be darned. The other night my son came to me and told me he saw a green light next to the moon. He didn't see it move, it just turned itself off. I dismissed it as he is in the dog house right now and I thought he wanted to deflect my attention, LOL! So I didn't take note of the date and all that. I know it was around the time of the full moon though. And when I asked him what shade of green it was, he showed me the on/off button of my flat screen monitor. Yep, it's neon green. Mars is right next to the moon these days but it's clearly orange.

It was right around the full moon. I checked the calendar and the last one was on the 19th of October. The night before both my husband and I separately noticed Mars on its left, it was beautiful, orange and very bright considering the moon was almost full and shining bright. And the night it happened, like I said my son was in the dog house and he said to me "must be the full moon".

The witness for the above report was referring to another sighting that was reported to me. This report came from Oshawa, Ontario and a neon green colored orb was seen by another witness. Both taking place on the same date.

I would like to thank the person for this report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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