San Ramon and Berkeley, California

October 26th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: San Ramon, CA and Berkeley, CA

Date: 10/26/2005 10:20PM

Approach Direction: east

Departure Direction: west

Witness Direction: South

Description: I've never thought of seeing a UFO before but this was a very strange experience. My apartment balcony faces the south and I often watch the commerical airplanes travelling to and from the Oakland and San Francisco airports. I've counted as many as 10 in my view at various altitudes. Tonight when I looked out there was a very large, very bright, craft in the sky. It was at a lower altitude than regular planes usually fly. What was strange is that it was travelling waayyy slower across the horizon than planes that were much farther away. It was completely illuminated (white light) with a red flashing light on top and a few flashing lights on the bottom. It was hard to see if the bottom ones were colored because the main light so bright it washed out much of the small flashing lights. The way that the white light was illuminating it made it look like a typical UFO outline, wide and saucer like. Although honestly it was to hard to truly dicern it's dimentions because the light was so bright. If I was to estimate, it was travelling over Fremont, CA or Milpitas towards San Francisco. I followed it for about 15 minutes watching it pass until it crossed the hayward hills to the west. After that I couldn't see it anymore. It did seem to decend like it was going to land at the Oakland airport or SFO so I discounted it as some strange large, very well lit aircraft. This was at around 10:35 so I went online to see if anyone else saw this thing. I found this site and was reading on here until about 11:00.

Then... I got a call from my girlfriend who just got off work in Berkeley, CA. She called half jokingly saying her and some friends from work were following a UFO! My stomach hit the floor. We have never talked about UFO's before and she thought I was going to call her crazy. Little did she know I was sitting here on a website trying to figure out what I saw. They drove from Berkeley to the Richmond marina where you have a clear view of the bay area sky, as well as both the OAK and SFO (at least a good idea if something was landing there) airports. She described it to me and it was the same thing I saw. Very bright with a small red light on top and various other lights flashing. We stayed on the phone from 11:00pm until 11:30pm. She said it was travelling towards San Francisco and was over the bay bridge at about 11:20. She said it was travelling very slow and was hovering up and down more like a helicopter. Unfortunately I couldn't convince her to watch it until it landed!! (If it ever did) It was cold out and they were getting bored. We got off the phone at 11:30 and it was still around the bay bridge. I am perplexed because this thing took over an HOUR to get from a little ways south of San Ramon to San Francisco, with no clear destination. It was the brightest and slowest flying object I have EVER seen. I wish I could have watched it land so I could forget about it. Did anyone else in the bay see this? There are far to many people and it was way to bright to miss it. I couldn't find anything on the news.

Color/Shape: White light, small flashing red light on top in the center. Various flashing lights on the bottom.

Height & Speed: very low altitude... I wish I could estimate. Speed was very slow.

TV/Radio/Press: Not that I could find.


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