Heavener, Oklahoma

October 29th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Heavener, Oklahoma, USA

Date: 7:30 P.M. 10/29/05 Clear Sky, 60.8 degrees, Wind Chill 60 degrees, Humidity 41%, Dew Point 37 degrees, Wind speed is 0.

Approach Direction: Bright light went from southeast to northeast then just faded

Departure Direction: 8 blue/red sparkling lights moving at a high rate of speed that broke and then hovered in seperate locations

Witness Direction: To the north

Description: Noticed a bright light that didnt blink, moving from southeast to northeast, then faded from sight, about 5 min later if that there was an appearance of 8 blue/red sparkling lights that dispursed at a high rate of speed over the visible sky and once in postion stopped and hovered, witnessed by 6 people that I personally know of, names will be withheld.

Color/Shape: Started as a bright white light
 8 blue/red sparkling lights that moved at a high rate of speed then just hovered.

Height & Speed: Speed was very fast to cover the ground that was covered in the visisble sky.


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