Klamath, California

October 30th 2005

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Hello my name is Christine, and the night of oct, 30 -05 at like 9pm me and my husband were driving in Klamath California and we saw a light, I dont know what it was but it came out of the sky and spread out toward the ground, I have no clue what it was. I know I am not crazy, they are reporting it in Hoopa California , and Grants Pass Oregon, and up and down the west coast, it lasted for like 30 seconds, the car behind us saw it too. well if you know anything, please let me know thank you.

Additional information from Brian Vike:

Hello, this is Christine, well the weather was clear that night, it was cold, but pretty clear skies, and it was really dark. The light i saw was located in like the north west, I think we were headed north and it was more west then where we were headed. And we never actually saw a ufo, we just saw this incredible light, it was like a big light in the sky, I think it was almost blue in a way, it came like down toward the ground and lit up everything around us, and this lasted for about 15-30 seconds, we had time to go from about 65 mph, slowly to almost a stop. It scared us that bad, but then the light kind of spread out like in a spreading way, it is so hard to explain. The light was incredibly bright, like as if someone had a huge flashlight up there.

As to your other questions, well no this was not around anything, if you aren't familiar with Klamath California, it is a small town, kinda a indian reservation, I think, it was totally dark and there was no one but a van behind us who once we hit a passing lane took off at about 70-75 mph, and the corners there you have to often take at 30-35 mph, there are signs that tell you to take the corners that slow. There was no sound to it at all that we heard, and i honestly have never seen anything quite like it.

I hope I answered your questions, I too would like to know what I saw it is amazing, and there was reported sightings as far up as Seattle Washington to San Fransisco California, Thank you for your time, Christine

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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