Redding, California

October 30th 2005

Redding, California A Huge Brilliant Flash Of Light

Date: October 30, 2005
Time: Evening

Hi, Brian,

Wanted to tell you about an interesting event that happened here in Redding Sunday night. I myself did not witness it, because I had my back to it at the time, but my significant other did, and many other Redding residents, as was noted in the local paper the following day! Apparently what happened (and what my sweetheart saw) was a HUGE and brilliant flash of light in the north western sector of the night sky, bright enough to light the entire sky from horizon to horizon as if, if were daylight. I was crocheting in the recliner and had my back to the picture window that faces that direction and so did not see it, but he was talking to me and stopped mid sentence to go "Holy cow, what the heck was that ?!"

It is being written off by the paper as a fireball (though that information is based solely on the opinion of one individual.... an astronomy teacher at the local community college who did not even witness the event !), but several Redding residents witnessed it, and one woman said she saw an ovoid shaped golden "vessel" slowing descending in the night sky just prior to the "even". She found it strange and beautiful and a bit scary, and right on it's heels came the momentous flash of light. Strange things in the skies of Redding.

Thank you to the person for this report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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