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UFO Sighting Report - USA

November 2005 (ongoing) : Culpeper County, Virginia

Culpeper County Virginia - The Virginia Lights (UFOs)

Date: November 2005 (ongoing)
Time: Ongoing.

Hello Sir, I am emailing you because I saw on your site a series of sightings that have been occurring since 2005 over Culpeper County Virginia. It seems that many people including myself are continuing to see the same thing. I wanted to send you my sighting report in hopes you can add it to your collection of the other Virginia sightings.

This sighting has been an ongoing event which started in November 2005. The area the sighting occurred is on my families farm in the rural county of Culpeper Virginia. It all started when we had a party in November of 2005. The lights were first noticed by a friend who said "what is that" I looked and saw what I can only describe as something that looked similar to the Phoenix lights. There were approximately 15 people at the party and we were all baffled. The lights were bright white in color and looked like a ORB/sphere in shape. After about 15 minutes of viewing, I asked my friends if what we are seeing were flares from the near by Quantico Military base.

Most agreed and than one said "Yep, I think your" but before he could finish his sentence someone else said "I have never seen flares move like that. Astonishingly the lights started to move in unison in a easterly direction. There were approximately 10 lights, all were lined up in a straight line, from west to east, and seemed to make a noticeable outline of something HUGE. Unbelievably this collection of lights started to move, from our vantage point it looked to be at least 200-500 feet long and flying at an estimated 300-500 feet over the tree line. The lights moved slowly, approximately 2.5 miles and than started to turn north. Because of this turn these lights made a dip up then gradually swept North. This is when we noticed there was another collection of lights on the bottom of this thing. I think this is when most of us realized this was something very special and quite extraordinary.

After the lights completed their turn we were able to see the back which was comprised of what looked like eight lights, four on top four on the bottom. There also was a strange haze between the top and bottom lights, I'm not sure how to describe it but it was a blurry bluish haze. It was shortly after this when the lights faded from view as it continued to head north in the direction of Washington DC.

About 6 months later I received a phone call from one of my friends, he was also at the November party and saw the "Virginia Lights". He explained that he had camped the night before at the property and had another sighting of the lights. This time he said it didn't turn North but stayed due east in the direction of the Fredericksburg area. The reason I am reporting this to you now is that I had another sighting of the "Virginia Lights" this past weekend. This time the lights were further off in the distance when first spotted and again headed North but in a more North Easterly direction, again toward Washington DC. Interestingly, the lights seem to be rising out of the tree line which is approximately 1-3 miles distance.

I have done some internet research on the lights and found there has been some very similar sightings occurring throughout the Northern Virginia area. In particular, there were many sightings in the vicinity of Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, Gainesville and the Dale City and Woodbridge Va areas. The description of these sightings were so eerily similar and since this was the direction we saw the lights heading makes me think we may have seen the same thing. That's all I have for now. You are welcome to contact me if you have any additional questions about this sighting. I hope this report helps you in your research. Thanks, The Virginia Lights.

My many thanks to the witness for a excellent report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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