Between Texarkana & El Dorado, Arkansas

November 5th 2005

Between Texarkana & El Dorado, Arkansas A Triangle With A Single Light

Date: November 5, 2005
Time: Evening

Message: About 3 weeks ago on Hwy 82 East between Texarkana & El Dorado Arkansas I looked in my rear view mirror ( 24 ft box truck) and saw white lights in a formation which at first glance appeared to be a tower of some kind, but I have been driving that route at night for about 2 months and could not remember ever seeing a tower in that area. After going through a "S" curve I checked my mirror again and the same lights were still there, which to me was odd but did not think much more about it. The whole next week I searched for that tower along that stretch of road but have not seen it. About a week ago I told my wife and daughter about but then just kind of let it go. That is until I saw the picture of the craft spotted near the Little Rock Airport, wow!!!!! Take away the body of the craft and just leave the lights it's exactly what I saw that night in my rear view mirror, the way I explained to my wife was a triangle with a single light at the top, a light center mass and 2 lights lower on each side. That's why I thought it was a tower. But now I think I may have saw much more, I wish now I had of pulled over and observed. 11/05/05

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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