Navarre, Santarosa County, Florida

November 7th 2005

Navarre, Florida (Santarosa County) More Video Footage Of The Strange Lights

Date: November 7, 2005
Time: Approx: 7:00 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 5
Shape of objects: Round and changing colors.

The date was, November 7, 2005, about 7:00 p.m. I was taking my dog out, it was dark already and I looked up and saw five lights. They were just sitting in one spot, the lights were changing colors, blue, red, green and white. When I look right at them I could not tell if the lights were changing colors, but when I looked into the window of my video camera, I could certainly see all the lights and colors clearly.

HBCC UFO Research Note: I called the eyewitness who saw the event. He informed me that many of the cars which were traveling along the road at the time of the sighting were slowing down and some stopping to watch the strange lights. Also as you can hear clearing in the video footage, the witness mentions jet aircraft from the AFB taking off, etc. When I asked the witness if the aircraft seemed to bother with the lights, he said know, but he did hear that military aircraft pilots had reported back to the AFB that they too saw the lights.

One other note, I also received another report on these lights for the same date and around the same time in this area, again footage was provided from the other witness. Also I did an audio interview with the witness as well.

I would like to thank the witness for the report and allowing me to run the footage.

The video footage and photos are © 2005 I.A.B.


Video clip #1 - Navarre, Florida 5 Hovering Bright Colored Lights - Video Footage

Video clip #2 - Navarre, Florida 5 Hovering Bright Colored Lights - Video Footage

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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