Hwy 22 and the 5 Freeway, Salem, Oregon

November 14th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: hwy 22 and the 5 freeway, salem oregon. united states..

Date: 11/14/05 around 8:00pm local time.

Approach Direction: still, appeared to be hovering.

Departure Direction: the shape of a shoe box.

Witness Direction: south.

Description: it was shaped like a shoe box with lights on the side as if the was the front. four bright whits lights in front and a red light in back.

It was not moving... at all.

Color/Shape: dark, big, about the size of four motor homes put together..

Height & Speed: it was abbout 300 feet in the air. not moving

TV/Radio/Press: not that i know of.


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