Chatsworth, California

November 16th 2005

Chatsworth, California Flashback After The Witnesses UFO Sighting

Hi Brian,

I'm going to try to explain the flashback, of what happened on 11/16/05. The day it happened, I only remembered a small part of the sighting. The flashback happened 1/05/06. I emailed you regarding the flashback, but was unable to talk about it. I'm still frightened over it. This is what I remember about that day. Hope it's the only thing that I'll remember.

The time was 2:30 p.m. I was up in my bedroom when I walked down stairs, and went out to my backyard. I walked straight ahead to the end of my patio and looked out to the East. My eyes immediately focused on a large white jet, I thought. After viewing this thing for a second I said that's no jet. This thing was as big as 2 or 3, 747 airliners put together. It had no engines, fuselage, lights, and was totally silent. So, as it got closer, I said I'm going to keep my eye on this thing until it passes over head, so I can get the entire view of what it looked like. But now, I remember after viewing it for another 3 or 4 seconds, I had a blackout or lost time.

I don't know how it was done, but I have to tell you this. I had no reason to go out to my backyard, it was as if I was made to do so.

Why this is so frightening to me, is because what I don't remember, in-between what I can remember.

What I remember after my blackout, after viewing this large white object. I had somehow walked, I guess, because I can't remember how I got 25 feet away from where I was standing, from where I was first viewing that white object. The next thing I remember I'm facing West, but my right hand is leaning on the corner of my house and I'm looking straight up.

I must tell you this, and the others who have experienced this same phenomenon. I felt as if I was in a stupor, like I was in a drug induced state, which made it hard for me to focus on what was going on at that time.

When I had flashbacked on this, this blew me away. As I looked up from the spot where now I was standing, I saw a copper colored object just hovering there. It was only about, maybe 3 or 4 hundred feet above me. I was trying to get as much detail as possible, but it seemed the flashback only allowed me to view it for about 2 seconds. I wish I could draw it for you ,but I draw like a young child in third grade.

I will try to give you as much detail as I can remember. At first, I thought it was a boomerang shape. This second object was alot more then that. The front was rounded like the front of a boomerang would be. But it had a large structure behind this rounded front. From my view as I was looking up at it, it had a large bottom almost kind of like a circular craft would of had. On each side of this craft, there where large cylinders, or tube like apparatuses that where attached to the body. I could see a little detail to the belly, but not much as it was engulfed in a burnt orange haze. Almost as if the air around it was affected somehow.

All of a sudden, somewhere from the right upper top of this craft, a bright flash of light appeared. It was very intense and white. When this flash occurred, it also emanated a yellow light that went in a downward angle that spread out over the top of this craft. Then I had another blackout.

The next thing I recalled, I was standing under this white "V" shaped craft that was over the trees. As I looked up at it I said to myself, your doing something I can tell. Again I tried to gather as much detail as possible, as my mind was very cloudy, and as I said before, I felt as if I was in a stupor. As I watched this white object, I could tell it was trying to mimic the sky. I could see in between the V shape that it was fading in and out. What ever it was doing I could tell you, that it had changed it's shape from the boomerang to this "V" shape. Some of the wing would become transparent and come back. Some part in the middle of the thing, I also could see the a part of the belly do the same thing. Then another blackout.

Now I'm standing there, looking up at this white boomerang object flying in a tight counter clock circle. This I reported to you in my audio. As I'm watching it, it seemed to go around, and around for what seemed a few minuets. Then blackout.

This really scares me. The next thing I remember, I'm viewing this white object flying away. It was flying in a S.W. direction over the S.W. valley. I watched it for about 3 or 4 more seconds before it climbed and disappeared into the sky.

What! you asked was so scary? The view that I had of this object flying off, was not from my backyard. I had an aerial view, as if I was maybe 5 thousand feet up, maybe more. I could see the whole valley below, and at some point, I was higher than the white craft, as it soared away into the blue sky. After it disappeared, I remembered saying to myself it's gone. The next thing I remember, I was standing in my backyard looking in the direction that the craft flew off to. I went into the house and didn't think about it, until that evening when my roommate came home and told her what I saw. But the version I told her, was the one I remembered, not the real story after I had my flashback.

I hope my story will help others, that have had this same kind of experience. It was a very frighten thing, because I had no control over my own free will. That was taken away from me that day.

Thank you to the person for the interesting and disturbing report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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