NJ Turnpike Exit 12

November 25th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: NJ Turnpike Exit 12

Date: Friday Nov.25, 2005 around 9:30pm

Approach Direction: ?

Departure Direction: downward and to the right

Witness Direction: south

Description: My boyfriend and I were on the jersey turnpike heading into Nj from new york. At around exit 12 we both saw a blue light falling very quickly from the sky and then dissapearing. It didnt look like any shooting star i have ever seen. It appeared out of nowhere falling south eastward.I have no clue what it was and i was hoping that someone saw what we saw, and explain what it was because we cant.

Color/Shape: bright blue round body

Height & Speed: it happened so quickly i have no idea

TV/Radio/Press: tried looking it up online but couldnt find anything


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