Woodbridge, Virginia

November 25th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: woodbridge , virginia, usa

Date: 11/25/05 , around 9-10 pm eastern time and once again around 11-12 eastern time

Approach Direction: down

Departure Direction: down

Witness Direction: i was looking up

Description: i saw the same thing the couple saw on the new jersey turnpike, but im down here in virginia, it looked like an object was slowly but surely floating downward and all of a sudden a big blue flash , seemed like an energy ball of some sort emerged from the object, there was no noise, vibratin , nothing, but the object was gone after that, the first one was up close and personal, the second time i saw it that nite it was much further away

Color/Shape: blue

Height & Speed: no idea

TV/Radio/Press: that kind of stuff would never be reported!! !!!scared to believe because ther is nothing we can do about it!!!


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