Campbellsville, Kentucky

November 26th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Campbellsville, KY USA

Date: November 26, 2005 starting at 5:30 am Eastern time

Approach Direction: Most from the North and West

Departure Direction: South

Witness Direction: various, North for most of it.

Description: I work night shift and was coming home (about 5:30 am Eastern time) when I saw what looked like a shooting start right in front of me and it ended behind some trees. When I turned onto my road (I was driving south on the road) my eyes scanned the sky to see if I could see any other shooting stars when I saw a pretty bright orangish-yellow light in the Western sky and I thought it was an unusually bright star. Once I got home and got out of my car (only 1/2 mile down from where I first saw the object) I could not see it anymore in the sky. There was a clear view from that point as my home is on a hill and there were no trees or clouds in the way. I thought this was strange. When I turned to the Eastern sky I could see what looked like the blinking lights of a plane going from North to South, but what was strange was the object flying about 2 thumbs widths underneath the plane. It was a large object, about twice the size of the plane, but glowed a dull orange color and kept up with the plane. I watched it until both of them disapeared trying to figure out what the orange thing was. I still have no idea.

After this I went inside where I saw my husband and told him what I saw. He just shrugged it off. I then went into my kitchen which has windows facing both North and West. Looking out one of the windows facing the west I saw another dull orange object low in the horizon, similar to what I saw following under the plane. However this one was stationary and very low and looked a bit bigger. Below it were the 2 yard lights that I see through the trees everynight that a neighbor on the other hill has on. This orange light was about twice the size of one of the white yard lights and a bit higher than them and was above the tree line back there. The orange light started to change after a bit and would change into a red color, and when it did this it would get smaller almost like it was going further in the distance (further west) and then it would grow again and become the dull orange color. It did this a few times over a 5 minute period, during which time my husband did come to the window to look at it, and finally went to a red that just faded to nothing. Neither my husband or I have any idea what this could have been.

My husband went to the bedroom to get ready for bed and I sat there waiting to see if the light would come back when I saw a small flash out of the corner of my eye a bit to the north (but still in the western sky) of where I was looking and there was a yellow light/star again in about the same spot the very first one I had saw when I was driving home would have been if it had still been there. This light started moving to the east and I had to move to the other window in my kitchen that faces north to keep track of it. When the object was almost due north of us it changed from a dull orange-yellow to a rapid flickering that red/blue/white could be seen in.

Due to the red and blue I was wondering if maybe this was just a plane, but soon this flickering light grew in size and became even more rapid and chaotic and the flight path became erratic bouncing up, down or short bursts forward at times. Then once it reached the northeast sky it changed back to a smaller glowing dull yellow-orange and came to a stop. At this point another small flash in the north western sky caught the attention out of the corner of my eye - seemed to be the exact place the other objects came from. It also immediately took the same path as the previous one when another flash again caught the corner of my eye and I could see yet another dull yellow light moving to the east. The flashes I never saw straight on - they were out of the corner of my eye. By this time my husband was back to watch and he also witnessed the two new yellow objects going across the northern sky from the west to east. Neither of these became erratic like the first one, but they both stopped in near the previous one in the northeast sky. One then continued on to the Southeast changing to a dull red and I lost sight of it out of the window. I moved to another room to watch it but I found it just in time to see it fade away. The other two didn't move and just sat there looking like two stars - And I would have believed they were if I hadn't seen them moving to that point earlier. I watched them for about 10 minutes before finally going to bed around 6:40 AM.

Color/Shape: Most were a yellow-orange in color. One did get an erratic blinking of blue and red and white for a bit. It seems like dull red was what they became right before leaving the area. They seemed round or oval for the most part, however when the one started blinking it was extremely hard to know what the shape was.

Height & Speed: Various heights in the air, none of the speeds seemed really fast. Most slower than what a plane would go through the air around here.

TV/Radio/Press: Not that I am aware of.


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